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In a typical direct mail campaign, postage can account for up to 60% of the overall program cost.  The good news is that sizeable postage discounts can be achieved by pre-sorting and preparing bulk mail according to specific postal guidelines prior to delivery. However, qualifying for those discounts requires in-depth knowledge of postal regulations and the latest USPS approved pre-sorting software.

Our data processing team uses the latest CASS certified software to presort your mailing lists and provide the lowest postage expense possible. We validate all mailing lists and mail only to those addresses that are deliverable by the USPS, avoiding wasted postage and unnecessary material preparation.

Our ongoing relationship with the USPS helps each and every project.

Our mailing requirements specialists maintain a close working relationship with the USPS Business Mail Entry Units and are well versed in all business mail regulations and guidelines. Our specialists work with your designers to make sure your mailing pieces adhere to postal guidelines and minimize your overall postal expense.

Our state-of-the-art Lettershop facility handles all aspects of mail preparation. We have engineered all our processes to include Quality Assurance checkpoints at key intervals to ensure the lowest possible error rates and highest level of service possible.

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