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Each day, countless advertisers compete for the attention and mindshare of the same audience. Question is, how do you make YOUR message stand out? By capturing your targets' attention long enough to get your idea across. Variable Data Marketing enables you to target individual interests, preferences, and buying habits with pieces that address your prospects on a one-to-one level.

This highly focused tool can deliver dramatic results.

In a recent study by the Direct Marketing Association, the average response rate for personalized direct marketing pieces was 23% - substantially higher than the 2% average mass mailings usually return.

Using this method successfully requires comprehensive data management techniques and a disciplined production processes. 

At MMS, we provide a full set of variable data services. Whatever your objectives, (IE: reaching new prospects) we can help source the necessary data.  In fact, we can manage your campaign from development through execution using a defined project methodology to ensure accurate and timely completion.

Variable Data Printing uses targeted content specific to the recipient.

Variable Data Printing (VDP) enables you to create customized targeted documents by placing customer specific text or graphics into a single template.  By pulling information from your database records, elements such as text and graphics may be changed from one printed piece to the next creating a customized piece specific to that individual. 

VDP is a powerful solution for conducting targeted marketing campaigns and tailoring specific information that appeals to individuals.  Studies have shown that VDP increases ROI by engaging customers and prospects through individualized content.

What items within the document can be variable?

Basic Personalization:  Each name and address that appears on the document is unique but the message is static and exactly the same for each individual.

Versioned:  A more complex VDP technique where multiple templates are created for different groups. 

Full VDP:  The most complex form of VDP where the text and images can be altered for each individual recipient, making each printed piece totally unique to that individual.

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