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Our ongoing relationship with the USPS helps each and every project.

In a typical direct mail campaign, postage can account for up to 60% of the overall program cost. The good news is that you can get sizeable postage discounts can by pre-sorting and preparing bulk mail according to specific postal guidelines prior to delivery. However, qualifying for those discounts requires an in-depth knowledge of postal regulations and the latest USPS approved pre-sorting software.

Our data processing team uses the latest CASS-certified software to presort your mailing lists and provide the lowest postage expense possible. We validate all mailing lists and mail only to those addresses that are deliverable by the USPS, avoiding wasted postage and unnecessary material preparation.

Our mailing requirements specialists maintain a close working relationship with the USPS Business Mail Entry Units and are well-versed in all business mail regulations and guidelines. Our specialists work with your designers to make sure your mailing pieces adhere to postal guidelines and minimize your overall postal expense.

Our state-of-the-art lettershop facility handles all aspects of mail preparation. We have engineered all our processes to include quality assurance checkpoints at key intervals, ensuring the lowest possible error rates and highest level of service possible.

Each Move Matters


Managed successfully, direct marketing is the most effective way to generate new sales and tap into new markets. It’s also an effective way to strengthen existing client relationships. Yet, direct mail campaigns can be complex and challenging to coordinate. They require an in-depth knowledge when selecting target markets, proper upfront planning and scheduling, and timely execution.

At Mail Marketing, our proven programs are customized with your input to identify target segments and develop effective marketing messages. Best of all, we can manage the entire process to ensure your project stays on schedule and delivers maximum results.

From identifying and obtaining the appropriate target market list … through the design process … to print and mail execution … our experience ensures your program will be a success. Project goals and schedules are set upfront, and we provide status updates at defined checkpoints within the project schedule. This disciplined approach to project management means your project stays on schedule and on budget … every time.

Direct Mail in Largo, FL

We specialize in direct mail services in Largo, FL. As one of the leading direct mail marketing companies, we have the experience, expertise, and real-world strategies to maximize the impact of your mail marketing campaigns. The experts at Mail Marketing understand the challenges of a direct mail campaign. We work closely with our customers to ensure the greatest open rate and best return on your investment. Through strategically-defining and planning the campaign, your business will see results and get the attention of your target audience.

Our team starts with understanding your goals for the campaign and determining the best method of direct mail to obtain those results. We then coordinate custom printing in Largo, FL to ensure your direct mailer is designed and produced with attention to detail. Next, our team will manage all USPS business mail services, getting your mailers out on time and within the budget parameters we have jointly established.


Data Processing Services

Did you know the Post Office DISCARDS Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) Standard Bulk Mail?

Many organizations overlook the importance of quality data processing. Do you know how much money you are spending on postage for mail that is not being delivered?

We understand the importance and cost savings that benefit our clients with how data files are processed. All mailing companies have the ability to CASS, NCOA, Merge/ Purge, and Presort — but how we do it is very different. With a detailed analysis of each mail file, our data department implements the highest standards of processing by removing undeliverable records, resulting in postage savings for our clients.

Our standard Data Processing Services for all mail projects include:

  • CASS Address Standardization
  • Move Updates — Real Time Processing, 48-month National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • PAVE Certified Postal Presorts
  • Merge / Purge — Remove Duplicates and Suppression Records
  • Mail File Analysis — Error Record and Vacant Address Record Removal

List of Services

We help you source virtually ANY TYPE of targeted mailing list available today.

All targeted mailing lists are not the same. Did you know that list providers use different sources to compile data? Knowing which list provider to use and the selects available can have a significant impact on the result of your campaign.

Depending on the type of list your organization needs, we leverage our relationship with multiple  partners to acquire the data that will have the best impact on your campaign. We also take the time to educate our clients so they know what options are available in order to generate a highly-targeted list.


Saturate a region or demographic area based on radius to all addresses. This is an effective way to reach those individuals closest to your location and keep postage expenses to a minimum.


Target individuals in a geographic area with a specific set of “selects” that might include: age, income, gender, households with children, home value, year home built, etc.


Target companies in a geographic area with a specific set of “selects” that might include: SIC code, number of employees, sales volume, years in business, HQ/branch indicator, and more.


Variety of non-traditional lists — magazine subscribers, students, teachers, medical fields, new movers, youth soccer families, and others.

Mail Preparation Capabilities

Inkjet addressing • Envelope Inserting • Stamp Affixing • Tab Affixing/ Wafer • Sealing • Poly Bagging • Folding & Perforating • Gluing (SNAPS) • Labeling • Assembly & Handwork • Scratch-Offs • Mail Merge • EDDM • Print on Demand • Key Affixing

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